​-Arch Grid, ARCH LOVER 

She is a multi-talent designer and a wanderer with a free spirit. Balance is an important factor for her, and it is a yoga enthusiast who wants to balance her body.
In her design, when everything is balanced and it comes to float over, the result is the best. 
As an 'Arch Lover' that loves the perfectly balanced-arch, She designs using his own grid, 'the Arch Grid'.
(The Arch Grid is copyrighted by her)



-universe N-society

CHAE, CDO of &SOCIETY likes many. She is interested in a lot of fun things in every corner of the world. Her interests are also wide. She designs mirrors with various characteristics, and she sells dishes and alcohol in her own hideout. 

Also, she likes various music so always turns on music in the hideout. She always enjoys seeing and hearing lots of funny. In fact, her mirrors sold to the world are the 'spy' she sent. 
Her real purpose in selling mirrors is to find out a lot of funny hiding in every corner of the world like 'The Eye of Sauron' in 'Lord of the Rings'. 
The whole universe is under her mirror network, 'N-society'. Behind the darkness of the world, she is watching a surveillance network inside the dark-secret hideout 'JAGORO' without anyone knowing.


Then, without anyone knowing, Her 'Sauron's eyes' flashing, she may cutely be trembling with joy alone and saying 'Like!'...  
This is 'universe N-society'



-A various artist in life becomes a survivor

As a designer, she enjoyed life in a variety of ways. Occupation, hobbies, side jobs, leisure, daily life, social activities, etc.
She doesn't want to define that only one of them was her true figure up to this time. 

As time passed, she has become the mother of a child, Many things have changed since then, but this is also one more diversified appearance of her life.
She is still working as a designer and She spends a lot of her time focusing on life with my child.


Frankly, it is difficult sometimes. But she doesn't think this time made cut her from the past.

Her attitude has now become a little simpler in various life forms.

She defines her life now as a period of survival.


To practice childcare safely and create a whole life for yourself and your children, 
and she has been envisioning a wonderful appearance as an independent designer.
In order to record this time completely, she is running the YouTube 'B-nu mom Survival'(Soap`s Mom Survival).


-Something smells

He says he can smell welly. Of course, it means that not only the smell but his sixth sense welly recognizes the change in the situation. One line subtitles with a dark screen when the main character is monologuing in the movie. He unconsciously feels something.
'Something smells...'


Amel Studio x WE ALL OWNER
SUH, CDO in Amel Studio



'One day of gratitude without regrets, May all efforts shine'
SUH, CDO in Amel Studio wants her life and her people to be colored with shine. To spend without regrets, she is grateful every day and does her best in everything. 
So she does not neglect family, health, work, and volunteer. She is sometimes exhausted but enjoys to be being recognized one by one.
And for personal maturity, she cultivates her mind by reading. Amel Studio loves the moment the sky is shined red whenever the sun rises and sets.
The moment when the red sunset colores everything in the world, all is calm and filled. Amel Studio's design was inspired by this moment, SUH, CDO in Amel Studio always looks at this moment to start and end the day. She is grateful for this moment again today and hopes to harvest her life within a greater shine in the future.

Choung, Multiplayer x WE ALL OWNER

-She is pottery

'We can`t tell whether pottery is a masterpiece or not before baking it. I am pottery. When myself would completely be baked, my own eyes can recognize whether myself is a masterpiece or not. I know how to bake pottery at 1300 degrees Celsius. If you assume I am not a masterpiece now, abandon me.'

She is striving to grow into a fabulous career woman who is strong and capable of drawing herself.
In reality, she is a multiplayer. She majored in designing ceramics and has played several roles: office worker, wife, and mom. It's not easy to digest all of this completely. Nevertheless, because she was a passionate and smart student, she is not complacent about the present and is designing the future.
The woman who is thirsty to prove herself. Her swagger is that she is still passionate.
The intense passion of the temperature in which the pottery is baked is 1300 degrees Celsius is baking her like pottery. On being baked hot, she is gradually going to reveal her true appearance.

ALREADY, We All Are an Owner.

WE ARE ON_______,
super ordinary,
hype nerd,
flex geek, Seoul,

WE ALL OWN_______,
and I have no friends,