WE ARE ON SWAGGER 로고 02 - 2.jpg
`"We All Are an Owner :)"

 Shout out your own swaggers!
I design your 'swagger card' for you!

From the origin of human history, Behavior giving and taking by hand to hand began. Extending the hand to others involves 'from me(you)', 'of me(you)' and 'to you(me)'. And giving and taking by hand is transformed into 'communication'. Shaking hands and give and take are kinds of communicating. It made society. we could recognize who are they via what who has. I focus on the one of communication, extending the hand and showing what of whom.

This is the research focusing on people's and our own swagger. Please mind free:) SHALL I DESIGN YOUR BUSINESS CARD or SWAGGER CARD?

As you are my client, based on what you describe!:) PLEASE DESCRIBE AND DRAW YOUR OWN SWAGGER><! And also draw the graph and diagram that tell you. Even whatever you want to tell. ALSO, TELL ME YOUR INFORMATION WHICH YOU ABSOLUTELY WANT TO EXPRESS ON YOUR SWAGGER CARD. Your swagger also symbolizes your story, history and I wish it would become your brand. 

ON THIS PROJECT, I wish this project would help you realize your veiled swaggers and design your swagger card by yourself.

And you will get your own-branded goods by being motivated and printing this design. T-shirts, cup, bag, sticker, shoes, etc.

​#WeAreOnSwagger #WeAllOwnSwagger #AreYouOnNow "Are you 'On' now?"